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What actions should you put in place for an inbound marketing campaign?

Before throwing yourself body and soul into an inbound marketing campaign, you must clearly develop your marketing strategy and objectives. It is based on these that the campaign will then be built.

What is an inbound marketing campaign?

The inbound marketing campaign brings together all actions to attract prospects to specific web pages or landing pages through content that interests them ( marketing ).

In order to capture the attention of the prospect and then transform them into a customer, there is a whole process to follow: this is called the inbound marketing campaign. It will be built according to different levers, each intended to fulfill an objective to gradually bring the target to the act of purchase. It is therefore defined thanks to content marketing.

What process should I follow to set up an inbound marketing campaign?

First, define the target you want to reach, because the language to use in the texts must correspond to it. Then, you must choose a theme, if possible linked to current events, around which the content will be built. The first step of the campaign therefore consists of asking the right questions about your customers, their purchasing frequency and their consumption habits, but also to adapt your plan according to your budget. This form of marketing diverges greatly from banner purchasing.

At the same time, you must also determine what service you wish to promote with this inbound Marketing campaign. This will subsequently make it easier to define the objectives of this digital strategy, to reach its target and to determine the communication channels to use. For the theme, it absolutely must be linked to current events. To choose a subject, you can use “Google Ads” which allow you to analyze the volume of searches for certain keywords.

How to write content?

You must think of your theme as a “common thread” or as the “angle” of a press article. Another very important element: defining your strategic keywords to promote SEO. So, to create content, the true epicenter of inbound marketing, you must first ensure that it is easily shareable on social networks. Videos, for example, lend themselves very well to distribution on multiple platforms. For the written content of the inbound strategy , you must be vigilant about the writing of the texts associated with the shares because they are the ones that should “hook” the Internet user.

In addition to more traditional formats (texts, sounds, videos), other formats may be relevant depending on the sector of activity, such as free trials, webinars or thematic files. Each content must be perceived as responding in a personalized way to Internet users' questions. Each therefore has its advantage: for example, the blog article attracts the visitor, the white paper makes them a prospect and the email transforms them into a customer. All of these tools attract the customer to your site and generate content with high added value.

How to convince your target?

It is necessary to think like your customers and imagine the keywords they could type into their search engine. When writing, keep in mind that each medium, particularly social networks, has its own audience and that the content must refer to them. When your content is written, you must therefore share it with as many people as possible on social networks and highlight it on the website(s). This process helps improve the company's reputation and recruit new customers while retaining old ones. The brand image will only be more enhanced.

Once the e-commerce “posts” are scheduled, they should be followed up to prevent them from getting lost in the shuffle. This is also where the relationship with the customer comes into play by supporting the prospect throughout their purchasing journey. Animating your network by responding to Internet users' comments and identifying new spaces in which to promote content is an additional step to accomplish. For example, this involves identifying forums or Facebook groups that deal with the same themes in order to share their content there. All without forgetting to continually rely on the previously identified keywords.

What element should you associate with an inbound marketing campaign?

Unlike outbound marketing , inbound must be associated with lead nurturing” which aims to integrate the reader into a conversation thread, by offering them more information on the subject and then moving them to the Act of purchase. In order to adjust your inbound marketing campaign, it is also essential to keep an eye on performance indicators and search engine optimization. In fact, it is the calculation of the profitability of the campaign which will serve as the main indicator, but also the analysis of the evolution of traffic over the long term and the number of profiles who subscribe or follow the page of the advertiser on social media, such as Linkedin.

Everything comes down to optimizing content to ensure a good return on investment without systematically resorting to sponsored links. As you will have understood, setting up an inbound web marketing campaign requires patience and perseverance, but above all good organization to leave nothing to chance and generate traffic and clicks. Knowing your target, but also their codes and the means to convince them cannot be done overnight. But what is certain is that qualitative results will eventually arrive. The key is to find how to stand out and get noticed in the ultra-competitive digital world.


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