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Search engines: Why not neglect search engines other than Google?

Nowadays, many people only see their strategies through Google to reference your website or think that other search engines are not or not very important. Even if, in fact, Google has dominated the market for many years, its competitors have many qualities, stand out in different ways and can be beneficial for referencing your website. Here are the reasons why you should not neglect other search engines.

A way to cover the entire market.

Google is taking over the search engine market and reigning supreme. Its first competitor is Bing which, incidentally, comes in second position with only 6.25% of the market share. However, it is imperative for you to no longer neglect other platforms to reference your website. Indeed, Google is definitely not the only search engine available on the web. The web giant owes this nickname to the fact that it has always maintained its position as leader in its field. For example, in January 2020, it held as much as 86.02% of the market share.

There are other search engines. Google holds 87% of the market share. But the remaining 13% is occupied by its competitors, so Google is essential, but its competitors have their roles to play.

The negative points of Google.

Nowadays, Google is considered a real tracker. All owners on Google must respect very strict rules and conditions in order to properly reference their website. Google does not hesitate to heavily sanction fraudulent sites. Penalties can be really impactful for your digital presence. Above all, Google wants to maintain order on its platform. There are several sites that have already paid the price. If your strategy was only based on Google, you risk being deeply affected in terms of referencing your website (SEO, Search Engine Optimization), especially if you are one of those who do not really respect the rules that are practiced there. In order to avoid the complete disappearance of your website, it is therefore necessary to be present on the rest of the market.

Attention ! You must still keep in mind that if Google has sanctioned you for a mistake, the other search engines will most certainly sanction you too because they model their rules and tracking tools on those of Google. You must therefore respect the rules even if you use other platforms.

Google, an algorithm that is too efficient?

Google has significantly improved its algorithm. Basically, a search engine was supposed to suggest the best results to the Internet user who made a request so that he could go to the website of his choice and thus find the information he was looking for. Thanks to its increasingly intelligent algorithm, Google now offers much more precise answers. This is where position 0 appears in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), which is the most advantageous position in the search results when a company wishes to reference its website. Indeed, this constitutes a real advantage for users who no longer have to look for their answers on a website, they ask a question, and Google answers them. However, this has generated a drop in the click rate of Internet users who will no longer click and visit a website to get answers to their questions. Another search engine keeps a more or less fair click rate for sites that provide information.

The benefits of diversification.

One of the most relevant arguments that could convince you: don't do like everyone else and think about your competitors. Almost everyone bases their digital strategy on Google to reference their website, rightly or wrongly. It's up to you not to do the same. Don't miss this opportunity to get more customers. This is still 8% in a less competitive market. On other search engines, your content may be better highlighted than on Google, because the universe is less competitive there.

The values of other search engines.

These include Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo and Qwant, among others. Each of these platforms has a significant competitive advantage.

When Bing and Yahoo are content with their seniority in the same way as Google, Ecosia for example, presents as an asset a rather eco-responsible DNA. Its key argument is that for each search carried out on its platform, no less than one tree in the world is replanted. When we know the importance that plants play in our ecosystem, the approach of this search engine, which aims to be green, is clearly to be congratulated. With the current movement of the population to respect the environment, this search engine therefore appears essential to stay up to date and therefore to reference your website.

From a slightly more human-centered perspective, comes data protection. Indeed, DuckDuckGo and Qwant based their argument on the security and protection of the privacy of their users. For all those who no longer wish to be tracked on the internet, here is a way to benefit from the right to be forgotten while carrying out searches on the internet. An excellent way to take advantage of the services available to us online, without sacrificing the confidentiality of our data. Another advantage, and not the least, know that you have 100% French search engines that exist. Notably Qwant which, for once, is really the ideal platform for those most keen to encourage local initiatives.


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