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Mobile Advertising: How to Generate Revenue from a Mobile App?

Publicité Mobile : Comment générer des revenus à partir d’une application mobile ?

Monetizing a mobile app involves generating revenue from the app, its audience, and its content once users have downloaded and started using it.

For instance, free-to-play games available on stores (App Store and Google Play Store) are monetized through advertising, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or partnerships with third-party companies.

In this article, find our tips for monetizing your mobile app and boosting your ROI!

Investissez dans la publicité mobile

Monetizing free apps through advertising is one of the most commonly used strategies.

However, before following trends and launching your mobile advertising campaign, two important decisions must be made:

  • The choice of advertising format(s)

  • The decision on the bidding system and advertising space to use (programmatic)

To learn more about choosing the advertising format, cliquez ici !

Use the interstitial format to boost user engagement

Users may experience visual fatigue from their high screen consumption, which makes banner ad formats almost unnoticeable. A solution to this issue is the interstitial format: This is a full-screen text, image, or video advertising format designed to capture the user's full attention at key moments during their navigation of the mobile app.

A clear example is at the end of a mobile game, after completing a challenge or reaching a new life. As the user already expects the action to pause, displaying an interstitial ad occurs naturally without abruptly interrupting the user experience. Moreover, they always have the choice to watch it or click the close (X) button to return to the app content.

Since they are displayed in full screen and at key moments, these ads are almost impossible to ignore. Therefore, interstitial ads achieve high visibility, engagement, and conversion rates, making them attractive KPIs for advertisers.

Publicité Mobile : Comment générer des revenus à partir d’une application mobile ?

Provide a seamless user experience with native ads

The unique feature of native advertising is that it can be seamlessly integrated into the interface of your mobile application.

Thanks to this organic integration into the content, native ads very minimally disrupt the user experience and achieve higher click-through rates (CTR) compared to traditional ads. As seen with the previous format, this means better performance and, consequently, increased advertising conversion and higher revenues for publishers.

Another characteristic to keep in mind is that native ads should be used as part of a content marketing strategy, as they are closely related to the application's content.

Publicité Mobile : Comment générer des revenus à partir d’une application mobile ?

Optimize your strategy with ASO (App Store Optimization)

Also, don't forget to work on ASO (App Store Optimization) as a perfect complement to your app monetization efforts in order to leverage the full potential of your application. A solid ASO strategy, such as effectively optimizing the elements of your app page, will help you reduce user acquisition costs, which will have a positive impact on return on investment.

To learn more about ASO (App Store Optimization), cliquez ici !

Generating Revenue from a Mobile App: Key Takeaways

Monetizing a mobile app involves generating revenue from downloads and usage. Strategies include advertising, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Interstitial ads capture attention at key moments, while native ads integrate seamlessly. ASO optimizes visibility. By balancing these elements, you can monetize your app while providing a quality user experience.

Addict Mobile est une agence marketing mobile spécialisée dans les solutions de publicité et de promotions mobiles, offrant des services d'acquisition d'utilisateurs, d'optimisation des campagnes publicitaires, d'analyse des performances, de visibilité et conversions, ainsi que de retargeting

Need advice or support to develop your business ?

AppASO is an ASO and Digital Marketing agency, 100% dedicated to promoting mobile applications.

Founded by Camille TROMBINI (formerly of AD4screen and Saint Gobain) and Fernando MARTINEZ (former digital Strategy lead at Publicis and Havas Media), the agency is located in Paris Opéra and Madrid.

At AppASO, regardless of the sector (banking, insurance, retail, health, travel, etc.), we support advertisers in optimizing and scaling the growth of their mobile applications.

Companies such as Crédit Mutuel, Kiabi, CIC, and Sézane trust us.

We have succeeded in achieving our clients' objectives by developing strategic mobile marketing models and orchestrating AdTech and MarTech tools.

Our method? A unique strategy thanks to our three teams: ASO, Media, and Studio.

This first-to-market approach aims to increase acquisition, retention, and revenue of the mobile application.

We commit to providing a bespoke, comprehensive, and high-quality service.

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