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POEM method: the essential tool to boost your digital sales!

It is sometimes complicated to understand how each of the existing media works. To act on the right levers at the right time and run effective campaigns, it is important to know them well and differentiate them.

The POEM method allows you to categorize the different levers available to promote your brand at the best cost and to your best targets:

  • P: Paid Media, you decide to pay, use advertising or sponsorship in order to distribute your content. You find levers such as Social Media Facebook, Instagram or even Google, Youtube, RTB, display performance.

  • O: Owned Media, you distribute your content through your own media and channels. This can be your channels and profiles on social networks, a website, blog, community management on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, broadcasting videos on Youtube, etc. (on the latter, a natural SEO strategy is possible to increase your visibility on your content).

  • EM: Earned Media represents all the players you have convinced with your activity. These people/companies therefore become actors in your communication. Your content is distributed by external media without your consent. This could be press coverage, word of mouth from convinced customers, etc.

Your project or concept pleases and attracts attention.

PAID MEDIA: Buy your visibility.

This is advertising in the broad sense, TV and radio advertising pages, pop-ups that appear on your web pages or sponsored articles. This solution is ideal if your goal is simply to acquire new customers and increase your sales. However, ads can turn off some customers if they are too intrusive or too frequent.

Unlike Owned Media, Paid Media is often of greater value because it is better quality, better targeted and more widely visible. This solution is very effective because you directly target the categories of users who show interest in your topic and who will be more receptive to your posts.

Please note, to the extent that it is impossible to ensure regular paid media, this solution does not offer sustainability in the acquisition of new customers. Advertising space purchases have a limited duration and effectiveness because the process is one-off. However, these can be wise when you need a “helping hand” meeting specific and identified needs.

OWNED MEDIA: The possession of visibility.

This concerns your own platforms: your website, your blog, YouTube channel, etc. They allow you to express yourself through your own means. It is the ideal channel to disseminate information relating to your business and therefore to work on your brand image and your natural SEO referencing. You can find our article on SEO .

It is by implementing a good Brand Content and Inbound Marketing strategy that you will be able to attract visitors and send them information that will encourage them to contact you. You can find our tutorial dedicated to inbound marketing .

EARNED MEDIA: Visibility gained.

This concerns a much more delicate method. Coverage by external media. This one cannot be bought. It is by creating projects and concepts that appeal and that provoke a reaction that people and the media can spot you and want to talk about you. This gives you visibility with new targets who trust the media and people involved in earned media. They will therefore lean towards you with much less hesitation. This method can be a real springboard for your brand. However, you need to combine Paid, Owned and Earned Media to be truly effective.

For example, if you are covered by an external media, you must communicate it on your channels and by your own means using Owned Media. You can also communicate it on your platforms and sponsor the post in order to be even more visible and therefore show your strength to as many people as possible. Earned media is in a way a (desired) positive externality of your activity.

Each of these methods plays an important role in your digital strategy. They must be used together to obtain effective and lasting results.


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