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How to optimize the referencing of applications in search engines?

In order to optimize the natural referencing of your mobile application, it is important to put all the chances on your side and to be visible on all media . Indeed, the ASO (App Store Optimization) mobile SEO strategy plays a vital role in the ranking of your application, but it is important to be visible on search engines such as Google. Some users could come across your application directly via Google, so you need to implement a natural SEO strategy in order to reach them. Here are tips for optimizing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your mobile application and positioning yourself in search engines like Google, not just in application stores such as App Store and Google Play Store.

Landing page or microsite.

To be present on web and mobile search engines such as Google and provide visibility, you need to have a landing page or a micro-site . Indeed, by using relevant and effective keywords, you can position yourself in search engines. You can also implement a more in-depth organic acquisition strategy using an SEO content strategy with blog posts.

In addition, this allows you to link this page directly to your social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and therefore increases your chances that Internet users follow you or come across your publications directly via Google.

Application indexing .

Indexing mobile applications is similar to indexing websites . Google can crawl and index information found in applications as well as on a website. These pages can therefore appear in search engine results if they are relevant according to the search carried out by the user. Here, when an Internet user has not yet downloaded your mobile application, a download frame (call to action) will be offered to them so that they can download it. The mobile user journey is therefore optimized. The mobile user will be offered your application without having to go to your website or to application stores such as AppStore and Google Play Store.

In order to be associated with your website, both IOS and Android applications support http URLs and allow developers to associate the two . It is therefore very important that your website is optimized for search engines such as Google in order to maximize the chances of visits and therefore downloads.

Good technical implementation is one of the important ranking factors. Application pages with technical implementation errors cannot be indexed. Google considers web pages canonical, so it is essential to have well-optimized, high-quality content on these pages. Google does not index pages that are significantly different from their web counterparts. The texts do not need to be identical but the topic must be the same and users must achieve the same goal on each exploration page.

Link building.

This strategy is fundamental to adapting to the mobile application market and facing competition. To do this, you need to create outgoing links on your application site in order to be better referenced and increase the chances of conversion on your application. The goal is also for other relevant sites to have links to your site. The goal is not to have a lot of them but they must be relevant and effective in order to bring you visibility.

There are different types of links:

- The Internal Network

It corresponds to all the links which guide the visitor within the site . It improves general ergonomics by facilitating access from one page to another.

- The external network

These are the links that can be found in your content that guide you to other sites . These could be sources of information, products you recommend, partner companies or customers who can praise the value of your offer.

- Backlinks or inbound links : These are links that other sites make to yours and which direct users to your content. They may consist of links created by you via social networks or links provided by other sites that recommend your pages and articles.

This is part of the natural SEO strategy of your micro-site or your landing page. You need to bring together all the levers to be sure to be visible on Google and thus acquire downloads for your application.

Management of time spent on your site.

In order to avoid an excessively high bounce rate which would penalize you, your application site must be relevant and synthetic . The more time Internet users spend on your site without bouncing to another internet page, the better you will be referenced, this SEO strategy is also called SXO strategy : placing the UX user experience as one of the primary factors so that it passes time on your site. If you are positioned on effective and consistent keywords, then Internet users will be likely to be interested in your mobile application and therefore stay longer on your site to find out more and download your app.

ASO (App Store Optimization) is an essential tool for giving visibility to your mobile application. However, you need to be present on all possible platforms in order to increase your SEO and your downloads. By mixing ASO and SEO , you optimize your application as much as possible and your chances of downloads will be optimal.

Types of strategy to present your mobile application: Owned media : your website, your blog, the presence of the store page in the mobile application stores Google Play Store, AppStore, AppGallery, Linkedin if your personae is present on this network . Paid media : social networks, Google UAC, etc.

Earn media : work on virality, offer content that will encourage the sharing of publications, recommendations, etc.


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