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Digital strategy - The keys to a successful mobile application promotion campaign

Today, citizens have developed a new way of consuming, they prefer to avoid wasting time in stores and be more free about their shopping times.

92% of French people (60.42 million) use digital to research or consume a product (source Hootsuite) and 47% are mobile users (28.39 million of the population). A French person spends on average 3 hours a day on their smartphone, 90% of which is on mobile applications such as social applications (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.). For a company, whatever its BtoC or BtoB market, it is important to implement a digital strategy in order to make digital a strategic lever for development: Web, mobile first (mobile sites and applications).

A real lever for businesses of all sizes.

Today, leaders such as Amazon, Tripadvisor, AirBnb, Vestiaire collective, Oscaro, Le Bon Coin, Etsy and Uber have emerged thanks to digital and mobile. They have sites and mobile applications. Thanks to these tools they enrich their customer databases, and can reach their targets at any time and anywhere. This allows customers to be able to obtain information or consume directly from home, without traveling or even while they have free time in transport, for example. Consumers today appreciate the fact of saving time in their day by having their groceries, products or accessories delivered.

In order to allow consumers to continue to support their merchants, BtoB companies, new brands, or even small local producers, it is important to adapt to new customer consumption patterns and therefore to offer them a digital way. to obtain supplies: orders via site and or application, collection in store, click and collect, drive or even delivery.

Setting up a digital channel.

This allows consumers to obtain supplies from the brand without having to resort to the physical route. The company, thanks to different channels: notifications, newsletters, SMS, access to their personal session on site or application, allows the company to acquire new customers and understand its consumer to provide them with a relationship personalized which promotes loyalty. Digital is also an undeniable asset for developing in-store traffic: it involves, via the channels presented above, developing communication on the activities of physical entities and therefore bringing prospects or consumers there. Digital is an entity in its own right and also a locomotive for physical turnover.

The use of social media is also a very important channel for businesses. In fact, mobile and web users today are much more likely to seek information on networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or even YouTube. Additionally, even without searching for your brand or product, your targets may come across your posts and connect with you through that. This is in line with an Inbound Marketing strategy (find our article:été-l-acquisition-et-la-fidélisation-de-clients ).

Benefits for small traders and producers.

Consumers, thanks to digital advancement, can continue to buy fresh, handmade products or products whose origins are known and more ethical while appreciating today's simple and practical way of consuming. Applications such as La Ruche Qui Dit Oui make it possible to reference all small producers offering fresh or handmade products. This ensures responsible and virtuous consumption: good products and respect for the environment. In addition, current trends show that consumers are finding out more and more about the ecological issue of a product before purchasing or consuming it. You can therefore more easily communicate about your eco-responsibility via a channel or a digital strategy.

Adaptation to different situations thanks to the implementation of digital tools.

Today, in times of confinement, digitalization is for all companies the unique and essential lever to continue their activity. Only food activities remain open. The confined citizen can only go out one hour per day for sporting activities or for essential purchases. Which means that they spend more time on the web as well as on mobile. The process of digitalization of consumers is therefore undeniably on the rise and consumption via digital is therefore increasingly anchored in customs.

The question of digitalization is an inevitable transition today for companies in the BtoC and BtoB sectors. With technological advances and citizens' new way of consuming, it is essential to adapt and digitalize. At App ASO our mission is to support companies in their digital development and to support them in choosing the best strategy to adopt.


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