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The advantages of programmatic advertising for a cross-device marketing campaign

Programmatic advertising is an automated process of buying and selling advertising space online. This method has become very popular due to its ability to target audiences very precisely and optimize advertising spend. Programmatic advertising is particularly effective for cross-device marketing campaigns because it allows advertisers to deliver consistent ads across multiple devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Discover in this article the advantages of programmatic advertising for a cross-device marketing campaign!

What is programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling advertising inventory through an ad exchange. This process is made possible by AI technology and machine learning. The machines buy and sell advertisements autonomously based on requirements set by seekers and suppliers.

To better understand how programmatic advertising works, here are the essential terms to know:

Ad Exchange: automated platform for the sale and purchase of Internet advertising space on which space seekers (advertisers, media agencies and retargeting networks) and providers (publisher support sites, networks, advertising agencies) meet.

Supply Side Platform (SSP): software allowing web content publishers to market their advertising inventories. It then puts these inventories for sale on advertising exchange platforms, for example in real-time auctions.

Demand Side Platform (DSP): Unlike SPP, DSP is software that allows advertisers to automatically purchase mobile, display and video ad inventory from an ad marketplace. It allows advertisers to buy high-quality traffic across numerous real-time auction networks, making it a powerful digital marketing tool for scaling. DSP advertising should help you reduce costs by making better use of your budget.

Personalization of your cross-device marketing campaign thanks to precise targeting

One of the main benefits of programmatic advertising is the ability to target audiences very precisely using personalized advertising messages that meet the specific needs and interests of each audience segment. Like data, you can use demographics, interests, and browsing behaviors to target specific audiences.

Here are some examples of different types of targeting:

Contextual: this type of targeting refers to data that is used to ensure that the advertising appears on a relevant lever.

Behavioral: purchasing habits and interests are at the origin of behavioral targeting, which consists of showing advertisements to people who correspond to a specific profile (persona).

Geographic location: This helps ensure location-specific ads are seen by the people most relevant to them, based on consumer information about region or zip codes.

Generally speaking, programmatic advertising allows you to determine the relevance of the advertisements you want to serve not only based on your target type but also based on the devices they use in order to obtain better results.

Better performance and real-time optimization of your cross-device (RTB) marketing campaign

With programmatic advertising, you can optimize your cross-device marketing campaigns by monitoring their performance in real time and adjusting your bids and targets based on the results. This gives you access to detailed performance data such as click-through rate, conversion rate and cost per conversion.

Real-time optimization therefore enables more efficient results across devices and maximizes return on investment (ROI). It is advisable to do A/B testing with different versions of your advertising to find the best combination that is adapted to your targets and the devices they use in order to maximize the impact of your cross-device marketing campaign.

Programmatic advertising also makes it possible to measure the contribution of each device to the final conversion. This measurement is important to understand their individual impact on the consumer's purchasing journey and the success of your campaign and to adjust it if necessary.

The advantageous cost of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising allows for better coordination of the advertising campaign, by centralizing the planning, purchasing and optimization of the campaign. This coordination helps ensure consistency of advertising messages across different devices, and reduces errors or redundancies in campaign planning.

Programmatic advertising can also help lower advertising costs because automatic bidding allows you to purchase ad space at the best possible price, while ensuring inventory quality. This method automates the purchasing and tracking processes, which can also reduce campaign management costs.

Programmatic advertising for a cross-device marketing campaign: what to remember

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool for cross-device marketing campaigns. It allows advertisers to:

  • precisely target their audience across multiple devices

  • optimize the campaign in real time

  • save money on advertising costs

  • accurately measure campaign performance

  • quickly adapt to the usage behaviors of different devices.

All of these advantages will allow you to maximize the impact of your cross-device marketing campaign and obtain better results.

For a more effective strategy, consider activating and testing programmatic with other levers such as affiliation, social, display and thus multiply your distribution axes and maximize the ROI of all your kpi's!

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