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New arrivals in the Apple Store!

As you know, the Apple store is constantly looking for improvements for its users and for advertisers. Indeed, user experience is an essential asset for these application stores. The App Store leader must therefore offer impeccable UX and customer experience.

So we present to you the new features of the Apple Store!

A new advertising location for your Apple Search Ads paid search campaigns.

Apple is strengthening its own advertising offering within the App Store. Indeed, a few days after having evolved the functionalities on IOS 14 in order to condition all targeted advertising on user consent, Apple bounces back and offers a new location in the “search” section of the App Store application store.

This location is placed at the suggestion level and allows developers to promote app growth applications. The strategy of this location is such that when users search for an app, we can suggest one and personalize it.

Despite sometimes critical discourse about advertising, Apple now earns billions of dollars from this activity. The company earns about $2 billion a year from ASAs within the Apple Store. This also comes from its lucrative partnership with Google which is the default search engine on Safari (Apple browser). Google pays nearly $10 billion to Apple to benefit from this location.

New user journey in the Apple store:

Search functionality: Apple sets up tags.

To improve the search experience, Apple is testing a notable change in its Apple Store. Some users are now seeing tags in the App Store when searching for popular terms, note that this is not yet fully rolled out. Apple said on Twitter in an update on 4/29 that the new search suggestions were starting to roll out to users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

For example, when you search for a general term in the App Store, such as "action games", you will see a new row of tags at the very top of the search. This allows you to further refine your query with things like “multiplayer,” “offline,” “anime,” and “kids.” Tap one of the tags to apply that filter to your search. This interface may look familiar to you because Apple tested “related” search terms in the App Store using a similar design back in the days of iOS 7. This was removed quickly after launch.

Some users are now seeing these new tags in the App Store on iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.4.2. You may not see this change on your device because it may only be a test and may never fully roll out. Like for example the search function associated with the time of IOS 7. However, this functionality seems relevant and could bring big changes to the App Store.


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