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Natural SEO VS paid SEA referencing, what to choose?

You are considering the strategy to adopt to increase downloads of your applications and your active users. Two strategies are available to you, owned media and paid media. 

  ASO is an integral part of owned media, these are the levers that belong to you. The App Store Optimization strategy aims to make your application stand out at the top of search results in application stores such as the Apple Store, Google Play Store or App Gallery. The method to implement is to create a semantic field of keywords and expressions appropriate to your mobile application  and to bring it up when a prospect or consumer searches for it or makes a request of keywords. The methodology is similar to website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  1. Natural referencing :

In order to position yourself at the top of application stores such as Google Play Store, Apple Store and App Gallery, you must optimize all available levers : 

  • Working on keywords. These are contained in the title, in the description of the app and in the keywords field, and serve as a relay with the algorithms of the application store. They must be worked on and designed according to the competition, the market and user requests.

  • Data freshness. The older an application is, the less likely it is to rank in the top places, unless it offers regular updates.

  • The rating (below 4 stars, your application will literally be in a bad position)

  • The number of reviews

  • The volume of downloads of the app (the general Top 5 of the French App Store requires between 20 000 and 30 000 daily downloads_11100000 -0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ !)

  • The difference between the number of uninstalls versus the number of installs

  • The statistics that arise from the use of the application (number of active users ? how much time do users spend on it ?)

  • Presentation visuals, logos, presentation videos constitute the showcase of your application and are the first contact with your prospect. These are the essential criteria for promoting your application. 

All of these elements must be worked on based on your competitors and your targets. It is important to position yourself where the competition is not while optimizing for the most important keywords. Natural referencing is a short, medium and long term strategy. 

Find our tutorial to promote the natural referencing of your mobile applications in the Apple Store, Google Play Store :

and note analysis of App Gallery, the new Huawei store:

2- Paid SEO: Apple Search Ads, Google UAC

As for a website, paid referencing is the logical continuation of an ASO strategy to generate downloads. In the same way as Google Ads campaigns, paid referencing of mobile applications through Google UAC and Apple Search Ads levers allows your applications to stand out at the top and above the applications naturally referenced in the stores. The benefits will be immediate, however, you will still need to invest in media budgets.

65% of downloads are linked to a direct search on the stores. 

By using paid search, you are guaranteed to always be placed in front, to be visible even when the consumer searches for your competitor and to come first on current keywords. 

Apple Search Ads: 

The solution offers us two subscriptions:

  • Basic: 

If you are an amateur, you simply need to set your goals and the solution takes care of the rest. It is practical for saving time and it is very simple, however you have very little access to the strategies used by the solution and you will not be able to optimize advertising investments in a ROIist logic.

  • Advanced:

These are campaigns optimized for performance, therefore ROIists. Here, the solution provides you with tools to create your strategy from scratch, it is effective but you need knowledge of SEO strategy in order to propose a solid method. 

You choose the objective (example: KPI downloads) and the budget to invest. 

There are 4 campaigns to optimize: Brand campaign, competitor campaign, discovery campaign and category campaign.

Here, in order to target, you can choose your audience by selecting the device type (Ipad types/Iphone types), customer type (gender, age), and also see those who have downloaded or not 'application. You can also geolocate your campaigns.

Apple Search Ads offers you elaborate services to best define your SEO strategy and be visible quickly and efficiently in the Apple store. 

Android environment: Google UAC (Universal App Campaign):

It is the leading web and mobile search engine in France, so it is essential to be well positioned on it in order to maximize your chances of downloads. 

The solution to high post install quality, it allows you to geolocate your campaigns, it only takes 2 clicks to download your application, and there are 3 types of highlighting. Google UAC is a mix of 5 levers: Google Display Network, Google AdMob, Google Adwords, Youtube, Google Play. So you have more luck and more channels to promote your app. 

It is important to start by naturally referencing your mobile application as best as possible to have a solid SEO foundation and optimize your chances of downloads. However, in order to ensure continuous downloads and a position allowing you to compete with the competition, you must use paid referencing such as Apple Search Ads and Google UAC. 


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