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How to generate effective leads in B2B?

How to generate quality leads on a recurring basis in B2B? There are many lead generation strategies in B2B, online or offline, and more or less effective. In this article we have chosen to focus on digital strategies, which have the most potential. With this in mind, the challenge is to create traffic that makes sense for your business, that is to say, to bring the right people to the right place on your site. Before implementing the strategies that we will develop below, make sure that you have clearly identified your ideal client and that you are able to share your added value with your typical clientele in a minimum of time.

Here are the most effective digital methods for generating quality leads in B2B:

The emailing strategy:

59% of marketers consider email their best way to generate revenue. Even if your subscribers are already considered prospects, e-mail remains vital to define (with a good CRM and a lead scoring system) whether this prospect will really be able to generate revenue for your business. Content brings volume, email helps you select prospects with the most potential.

You can also use cold email to generate B2B leads. If everything is done correctly (including personalizing your messages and not spamming), email can be a very effective lead generation channel.

You must not be like others. This is a very common trap because in fact, it is important to take inspiration from the competition but in this strategy, the prospect is interested in different and attractive emails. When all the messages in his mailbox look the same, he doesn't even take the time to open them, he redirects them directly to his trash.

Don't be afraid to be different, even if it's unusual. Favor empathy, humor and personalization. Your goal should be to avoid your prospect experiencing automation at all costs. You must manage to create an emotion in your prospect, which will make them want to respond to you.

Inbound and content marketing.

Content can be great for B2B lead generation, but it comes with plenty of mistakes to avoid. A good quality content marketing strategy requires more investment than an email campaign in terms of planning, resources and work.

The idea here is to implement a real content strategy. Your Internet user must be interested in your information and they will automatically go to your site if it seems relevant to them. Via graphics, white papers, webinars… You must show that you know your subject and provide proof to your web or mobile users.

You really need to take the time to work on your content and your sources to create engagement with your reader. It is a job that requires time and investment but if done well, it will bring you a lot.

And if you think this seems too complex or you don't have the necessary people internally, don't hesitate to contact external specialists who will be happy to support you on these topics.

Working on his blog.

Many businesses complain that their blog doesn't generate enough leads. Either it's not getting enough traffic or it's getting traffic that isn't converting into business results. Know that this is a long strategy, which requires a lot of analysis and work.

You need to have a plan and execute it perfectly. Put your personal touch on it, talk about your experiences and what you know. Be human and interesting, your readers must feel understood and learn things through your content. Quality content doesn't happen overnight, but with persistence, it can truly be the backbone of your B2B lead generation efforts. A well-thought-out content marketing plan, with an SEO-optimized blog, will bring you traffic and will be a real support to your B2B prospecting strategy .

Create and improve your backlinks.

Obtaining quality backlinks is an essential dimension of a well-conducted SEO strategy. If you want your quality content and landing pages to start generating leads, people must be able to find them. You can pay to promote it but it is more relevant, to get the best return, if a large number of organic visitors reach your content.

Backlinks are arguably the most important factor in determining how your content ranks. Here's how to get backlinks:

There are many services where you can buy your backlinks from domains of different “authorities”. But these services very often lack relevance and therefore effectiveness with the Google algorithm.

Here's how to get relevant backlinks:

  • Guest posts: Offer to create content for other blogs, then use it to link to your own site.

  • Relevant Posts: Contact bloggers, content creators, B2B marketers, who have published posts with products or services similar to yours and ask to be included.

So while backlinks alone shouldn't provide leads, without them, your lead generation strategies won't go far.

Create sponsored posts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads).

Banner ads (or displays) on almost any channel can be a viable source of B2B lead generation, but they require a lot more effort.

They still require the same attention to detail when it comes to timing, targeting, and tracking, but only really work when you also have great creativity.

The ability to produce great banner ads actually depends on the amount of resources your marketing team has. Specifically, she needs to be able to partner with sales to figure out what the best message is, what offer you could use, and then do something awesome.

If you're on a budget and want to try something with relatively low effort, the first step might be to retarget your site visitors with high-quality content. If you want to develop this strategy, do not hesitate to call on an agency that will be able to guide your campaigns and make them much more effective.


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