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Best practices for an effective cross-device marketing strategy in 2023!

In France, 89% of households own at least one computer and 77% own a smartphone.

These contact points are imperative to exploit if you want to maximize visibility and interaction with your advertising campaign. How ? by adopting a cross-device marketing strategy!

In this article, find the best practices for an effective cross-device marketing strategy in 2023!

What is cross-device marketing?

Cross-device marketing is a digital marketing strategy that targets Internet and mobile users on several different devices such as computers (desktop), smartphones (mobile), tablets or even connected TVs (CTV). The goal is to expose users to your advertising campaign by leveraging multiple channels to ensure you have reached the target audience.

What are the advantages of a cross-device marketing strategy in 2023?

Cross-device marketing offers a series of advantages because by precisely targeting users on multiple devices, you can improve your prospecting, branding, retargeting activities and your performance according to your objectives.

A cross-device marketing strategy can:

  • Increase the coverage of your advertising campaign: cross-device allows you to cover all devices used by your prospects for more engagement and visibility.

  • Optimize your advertising budget: By precisely tracing the journey of your prospects and the various devices they used, cross-device marketing allows you to better manage your advertising budget.

  • Personalize the user experience: With cross-device, your ability to tell a story through a sequence of ads over a period of time is enhanced because you are able to track prospects across their different devices and ensure that they see the advertising campaign in its entirety.

  • Fight against Ad Fatigue: by being exposed to the same advertisement, your prospects can develop a negative feeling towards you. Thanks to cross-device, manage the frequency of your ads to maximize their visibility and conversion rate.

What are the objectives of an advertising campaign to define in a cross-device marketing strategy?

Gain awareness, generate traffic, engagement and views, increase conversion rate and acquire more users…. Defining the objectives of your advertising campaign is imperative in a cross-device marketing strategy in order to optimize KPIs.

  • Awareness: The objective is to generate interest and develop awareness of your brand or product among the targeted audience. The visibility and coverage of the campaign, the number of total views and the number of times a single prospect has seen your ads are the relevant media KPIs to measure the performance of your advertising campaign.

  • Consideration: The objective is to encourage prospects to perform a first action (visit the website, view or interact with a video, etc.). The number of clicks, interactions with your ads, time spent on the ad (dwell time), bounce rate and traffic management are the relevant media KPIs to measure the performance of your advertising campaign.

  • Conversion: The objective is to encourage prospects to carry out a targeted action. The number of visits, leads, purchases and return on investment (ROI) are the relevant media KPIs to measure the performance of your advertising campaign.

Develop the performance of the pillars of your digital campaign thanks to cross-device marketing

When you have determined your objectives, it is time to establish a media plan which is based on the different pillars of a campaign and which brings together your objectives and expected performance.

Define an audience framework: It is impossible to implement a cross-device marketing strategy without having in-depth knowledge of your prospects. Collect as much data as possible to create detailed prospect profiles and personalize their user experience based on their needs and preferences from multiple sources (social networks, cookies, location data and registration forms). The analysis of this information is done using DMPs such as Google Analytics or Adobe Marketing Cloud which will allow you to determine the best ways to create engagement.

Identify relevant channels: Using data on your prospects' behavior and media consumption, develop a multi-channel digital strategy to increase the coverage of your advertising campaign and optimization possibilities. The most popular channels for an effective cross-device marketing strategy include social media, search, display ads, and email.

Create consistent content: your prospects must be able to recognize the content of your advertising campaign regardless of the channel they use. Make sure your ad is consistent and adapted to all channels in content and form in order to generate more interest, increase the interaction ratio or encourage conversion.

Retargeting: a necessary pillar in a conversion campaign, this technique consists of targeting a prospect who has already shown an interest in your product or service on their computer for example and presenting them with the advertising again on their smartphone. The goal is to re-engage your potential customers, remind them of the existence of your brand and encourage them to continue their journey.

Optimize KPIs: daily monitoring of your advertising campaign is important to measure its effectiveness.

Adapt the content of a digital advertising campaign to each medium (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.)

The diversification of media also means the diversification of content: In a cross-device marketing strategy, it is important to adapt the content of a digital advertising campaign according to the medium to streamline and personalize the user experience thanks to to visual elements (image, video, animation) which include the message of your advertising campaign and represent the identity of your brand.

Learn about differences in screen size and resolution to ensure content is easily readable and clear.

Cross-device marketing: what to remember

Here are the best practices for an effective cross-device marketing strategy in 2023:

  • a deep understanding of prospect behaviors for a unique and personalized user experience

  • the creation of consistent content on all channels deemed relevant

  • adapting content to different devices

By following these best practices, you can improve your viewability and conversion rate across multiple devices, creating a great user experience for consumers and increasing your revenue.

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