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ASO strategy: How to boost downloads of your app despite the competition?

App Growth — ASO Strategy: How to boost downloads of your app despite the competition?

As mobile applications become more and more used, there is an unprecedented increase in competition. SEO applications on the market are numerous and can be used by competitors. Today, it is increasingly difficult to make yourself known and stand out in the mobile application market.

In this article, discover our tips to gain visits and boost downloads of your mobile application!

Playing with visual aspects to boost app downloads

The experience you create for your users depends on how your app is designed, how it works, and the platform it's launched on. Whether it's app icons, screenshots, or preview videos, users will be captivated by the captivating design and smooth experience. So make sure you develop a quality product page with eye-catching visuals.

On your apps' homepage, attract users with what your app does and the problem it solves. Clearly state the value the app provides and drive users to the call to action. Ask them to download your app.

Don't put too much information in your app images. The audience can be confused if there is too much in the image.

To have a smooth user experience, make your app compatible with many types of devices (phones, tablets, desktops) as well as different operating systems (iOS, Android).

Apps show consumers what they can do with the app and help them see the good sides. Screenshots of the app should be attractive, but preview videos should show more of the app itself.

Increase app installs by investing in ASO

The App Store and Google Play Store are where most users search for apps; If your app doesn't appear in the results, you're losing customers to other apps on the list. Having a good App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy is crucial for your app to appear higher in app stores and get more installs.

There are many ways to improve different parts of your application and plan your ASO strategy. Here are some of the best methods:

Choose a good app name: When users know what your app does, they are more likely to install it. Use an app title that explains what your app does. For example, Gmail, YouTube, and Waze have their app titles filled with relevant keywords.

Do keyword research: ASO is based on finding the right keywords for your application. This involves finding the most popular keywords (or terms that users often use to search for apps similar to yours) and targeting those keywords in the app's metadata. Not only will this increase the popularity of your app, but it will also encourage users to download it.

To learn more about how to optimize your keywords, click here!

Take care of your application description: Write attractive, well-structured and informative application notes. Put yourself in your potential customers' shoes when writing your app description. Highlight the problem your app solves in the first three lines and describe the features and/or benefits of your app in the following paragraphs.

Localize your app: To attract new users around the world, it's important to tailor your app to specific languages, cultures, and geographic locations. Consider optimizing your application and its keywords based on the location of the market you are targeting.

Attract positive reviews and ratings for your app

Another way to increase app downloads is to encourage users to leave reviews and ratings after using your app. Users are more likely to trust word-of-mouth recommendations than other types of ads, so be sure to encourage users to leave reviews in your app. The more positive the reviews, the more app downloads! Also, don't forget to manage and/or respond to negative reviews and get important insights on how to improve your app experience.

To learn more about the importance of positive ratings and reviews in an ASO strategy, click here!

Use social networks to promote your application on other channels

Promoting your app on social media can be an effective strategy for boosting app installs. Most of the users your app targets are likely to be active on one or more of these social media platforms every day, so it's a good idea for you to build your app store presence through these channels . Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms for staying in touch with your users and answering their questions.

App Growth — ASO Strategy: How to boost downloads of your app despite the competition?

Here are some ways to engage users in mobile app marketing on social media:

  • Share relevant and targeted content to build a strong relationship with your customers. Make sure you push your content through shares and highlight key features of your app in the content you promote.

  • Include images and videos to highlight the main features of your app.

  • Running contests, surveys, sales, promotions, etc., is a great way to drive user engagement. For example, you can offer features of your app to get people talking about it. The main goal is to encourage users to take action, for example by liking, commenting, sharing, voting or following the link.

You can also join forums like Quora and Reddit to answer questions and share stories or other details about your app.

When posting on social media, be sure to tailor your app's tone and messaging to match your brand's personality. This will help users log in to your app more easily and engage with it regularly.

How to boost downloads of your app despite the competition? : What you must remember

It's important to start by defining your goals if you want your app analytics to work. Goals vary from app to app based on revenue model (in-app purchases, paid apps, in-app ads, etc.) For example, e-commerce apps aim to increase brand awareness , while gaming apps seek to expand their user base. So the goals of your app depend on why you created it and how useful it is.

Addict Mobile is a mobile marketing agency specializing in mobile advertising and promotions solutions, offering user acquisition, advertising campaign optimization, performance analysis, visibility and conversions, and retargeting services.

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AppASO is an ASO and Digital Marketing agency, 100% dedicated to the promotion of mobile applications.

Founded by Camille TROMBINI (ex-AD4screen and Saint Gobain) and Fernando MARTINEZ (ex-digital Strategy lead at Publicis and Havas Media), the agency is located in Paris Opéra and Madrid.

At AppASO, whatever the sector (banking, insurance, retail, health, travel, etc.), we help advertisers optimize and scale the growth of their mobile applications.

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We have successfully achieved our clients' objectives by developing strategic mobile marketing models and orchestrating AdTech and MarTech tools.

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This first to market approach aims to increase the acquisition, retention and turnover of the mobile application.

We are committed to offering a tailor-made, comprehensive and quality service.

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Contact details :

ASO App 7 rue Meyerbeer 75009 Paris Opéra


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