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Apple Search Ads: A great way to promote your app!

Find out how to position your application on the best user searches in the Apple store.

Understanding Search Popularity

Before you get your hands on optimizing your natural or paid keywords, it is essential for you to understand what exactly search popularity is and how to best use these metrics in your analysis.

With the arrival of Search Ads, Apple revealed the Search Popularity meter for all keywords in countries that support Search Ads (currently US, UK, MX, CA, CH, AUS and NZL). The rest of the world will most likely follow soon.

The main facts about search popularity:

- POPULARITY : search popularity is an indicator between 5 and 100. The closer the keyword has a scoring to 100, the more the keyword is requested. It could therefore be interesting to optimize the SEO of your application.

- User requests evolve depending on the country : if you opt for a strategy common to the same languages (e.g. France, Belgium), your application may lose in SEO.

- Popularity can have an identical score for each country, however it will depend on the number of inhabitants of the country (eg for the expression " car rental " the popularity may be identical between France and the USA, however the population reach will be higher in the USA).

- The popularity of user queries is on average 80% for application names.

- To complete user requests between countries, each language has disparities (French, French/Canadian). Remember to be present on the right local keywords to adopt the best ASO strategy and best promote your application.

- The search popularity of a keyword changes over time, depending on seasonality. (If your application is in fashion, in summer you will have more queries on keywords such as " swimwear ", "_11100000-0000- 0000-0000-000000000111_sandals ” and winter “ coats_11100000-00 00-0000-0000-000000000111_"," boots_11100000-0000 -0000-0000-000000000111_").

Understand your mobile app SEO via voice control.

Two strategies are available to you :

Defensive strategy.

Analyze which words generate the most organic downloads for your mobile application. Protect your rankings on these keywords by bidding on them. On a regular basis, carry out a benchmark to optimize your acquisition of downloads.

Offensive strategy.

Analyze your competitors, find out which keywords generate the most organic downloads for them.

To ensure an optimal position vis-à-vis your competitors, bid on keywords, with the aim of appearing in the first search results in app stores when consumers carry out a search.

As with the defensive strategy, analyze your keyword rankings in real time to create new opportunities to promote your mobile application.

For the Apple Store, when an auction is won on a keyword, you cannot get info on how many times an app appears as an app ad.

Apple Search Ads data is also a source of information for App Store Optimization. (ASO SEO Strategy).

Recommended and related keywords

Apple suggests keywords to start an Apple Search Ads campaign based on your app's metadata. This can give you inspiration when creating your keyword list

Auction Keywords

Apple allows you to position yourself on the keywords that your competitors use. This tells you which keywords are used for your mobile app's industry.

Data and conversion rates

Apple provides your conversion rate for each of the keywords bid for your app. Ex : KPI : impression rate, click rate and download rate. It is also a very good factor for optimizing SEO and promoting your mobile application in the Apple app store.

ASO and Apple Search Ads are therefore two complementary processes that require regular updates to best promote your mobile application and optimize your marketing campaigns.


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