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App Growth Strategy 2023: How to develop the performance of your mobile application?

You have just launched your mobile application on the App Store and Google Play Store after spending a lot of time developing it and ensuring that it works as expected without any bugs. Unfortunately, the days go by and the traffic is not as strong as you hoped. You are therefore looking to acquire more users to gain visibility and notoriety and generate income. This article is for you: Find out how to develop the performance of your mobile application using the App Growth strategy!

What is the App Growth strategy?

An App Growth strategy is like a marketing plan for your mobile app. It includes all the means you want to implement to increase your visibility, your revenue and the engagement of your users. You need to be clear about your goals and how you are going to measure their success. Indeed, user acquisition and retention are the two main objectives.

  • User acquisition includes optimizing your mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store (ASO), paid (SEA) and organic (SEO) acquisition.

  • For user loyalty (retention) , it is more about focusing on user experience and re-engagement.

Why do you need an App Growth strategy?

Here are 4 reasons why you should not underestimate the need for an App Growth strategy!

1. Dominate the competition: There are almost 2 million mobile apps on the App Store and 2.87 million on the Google Play Store, which makes the market very competitive. To maximize visibility, scale, ROI and be among the first, a Growth strategy is imperative.

2. Gain visibility: Your app may be great, but if people don't know it exists, you simply lose any chance of survival in the market. This is why you need an App Growth strategy: Increased visibility almost always results in increased users and downloads.

3. Identify ways to improve the mobile app: An App Growth strategy is based on in-depth research and long-term planning. You need to know who your target audience is, what the weak and strong points of your app are. This allows you to capitalize on your strengths and eliminate or improve your weaknesses.

4. Generate more revenue: All the positive effects of an App Growth strategy translate into more downloads and users, which of course leads to more revenue. Do not hesitate !

How to create an App Growth strategy?

To determine the right strategy, you need to study the market, your current situation, and your users.

Determine what makes your app unique: You need to make sure you have something different from what other mobile apps can offer. If not, you won't stand out. Without a value proposition, the chance of your application scaling is low.

Identify your users: Each user has their own needs and preferences. When identifying your target audience, you need to be specific. Otherwise, you will end up spreading yourself thin or spending your resources unnecessarily.

If you don't yet have a customer base, you can study that of your competitors. This should give you an idea of who to target. If you already have users, identify those who interact the most with your mobile application.

Set objectives: Having specific short and long term objectives that are measurable (KPI) is necessary to know the effectiveness of your App Growth strategy and the performance of your mobile application.

App Growth strategy: growth in user acquisition and retention

You can only grow your user base by making sure your mobile app offers what users need and want.

Some factors that can influence growth in user acquisition and downloads:

  • Main features, functionalities and usefulness

  • Simplicity

  • Application speed

  • Designed with user needs in mind

  • Unique and seamless user experience

  • Customer relations

To improve the retention rate, here are some tips to maintain the interest of users of your mobile application and encourage their loyalty:

Push notifications: Push notifications are a great way to communicate with your users. They can alert users to new features, remind them to use the app, or send them a promotion. Experiment with the frequency, launch timing, and personalization of each push notification to get better results.

By Email: Communicate through regular email campaigns and automate your email flows to remind inactive users and encourage them to re-engage with the mobile app.

User reviews and feedback: Your app will only be successful if it meets the needs of your users. It is therefore essential to know their needs and the features you need to develop or improve to continue to meet them.

Personalization: Rewards system, special offers, in-app events, premium subscriptions… All its interactive features contribute to better user loyalty.

App Growth Strategy and Scaling

Coming from the word "scale" and meaning "scale" in French, scaling defines the ability of a system to accommodate 50 or 500 users simultaneously without compromising its functionality or performance. Here are 3 techniques to use in your App Growth strategy to guarantee the “scalability” of your mobile application:

1. Welcoming new users: This is where all full-funnel campaigns come in. Test different channels to find out where to reach users and acquire new ones. Be sure to create a personalized experience for each user so they can progress quickly through the onboarding process.

2. Communicate with users: Once you have integrated them, you must set up the communication channels seen previously and use the media levers. You can share essential information to keep users coming back to the app or help them navigate different features.

3. Satisfy Existing Users: The final part of a solid App Growth strategy is retaining existing users. To keep users engaged, you can offer them contests, giveaways, user-generated content campaigns, exclusive content, rewards, or referral programs.

App Growth Strategy: What to Remember

  • The mobile app market is very competitive: you need a solid App Growth strategy to stand out and succeed.

  • Your App Growth strategy can integrate a number of tools intended to increase awareness and engagement of your mobile application regarding communication (push notifications, email) and improving the user experience (personalization). Throughout your strategy, you must also continue to maintain a customer relationship by processing and acting on feedback from your users.

  • A successful and “scalable” App Growth strategy is composed of three distinct phases, each with its own detailed plan: integration (onboarding), communication and loyalty (retention).

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