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Which tools should you choose for the SEO of your website?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy has become an essential concept in the digital world. Indeed, this allows you to position yourself among the top positions of the Google search engine and ensures you qualified and lasting traffic.

Over the years, Google has undergone numerous modifications and developments relating to natural SEO. Your organic referencing campaign must be monitored and updated regularly in order to make corrections and adjustments that will allow your site to come out in a better position during a search carried out by a web user / mobile user. We therefore present to you here the best tools to allow you to analyze your natural SEO strategy.

To find a keyword relevant to your site and your business, you can use SEMRush. It is a keyword analysis tool. It allows you to track your positions on a keyword and do multilingual searches. With SEM Rush, you can get keyword ideas to rank for.

SEMrush also offers you the possibility of analyzing the strategy of your competitors. It gives access to the ranking of your competitors on specific keywords.

You will therefore be able to choose to position yourself on the most relevant keywords or expressions in relation to your sector of activity and your competitors.

This tool is very complete, it gives you access to numerous features to analyze your SEO. You can find new keywords from an entered keyword. The SE Ranking tool will suggest similar keyword ideas and tell you its search volume. You will be able to group your keywords, the tool will suggest you associate certain keywords or key expressions or condense them. You will also be able to track your positioning based on your keywords or expressions. This allows you to monitor the evolution of rankings in the search engine SERP and therefore adjust your strategy accordingly.

It is a free SEO tool for content creators so that they can find new ideas for articles and keywords to enrich your blog with relevant content that will develop your site's organic traffic as well as engagement. visitors to become customers. From a simple keyword or phrase, UberSuggest is able to provide a multitude of results that are particularly useful for digital marketing experts. The SEO tool highlights the monthly search volume for a keyword, the main keywords a site is ranking for, suggestions for new keywords, as well as a score representing the difficulty of ranking on a keyword compared to the competition. UberSuggest is not just limited to finding new keyword ideas, the SEO tool is also interested in backlinks and the authority of the sites that deliver them by giving them a score from 1 to 100.

Keyword Planner is a keyword suggestion and planning tool that allows SEA professionals to find relevant keywords or expressions to launch an advertising campaign on Google Ads. The SEO tool must also be associated with a Google Ads account created in advance in order to be used.

The way Keyword Planner works is relatively basic: the user just needs to type a query and the tool automatically suggests associated keywords with essential information such as monthly search volume, bid estimate, competition rate , as well as traffic forecasts.

This software offers the possibility of identifying all the important elements of a web page concerning its natural SEO referencing. Simply enter the URL of that page you want to study and select what you want to see there. For example, you can know the URL structure of the page, if it contains H1, H2 tags… and also if the page contains inbound and outbound links. You will also be able to discover the meta-keywords and meta-descriptions so you can define the semantic field of this page.

This online tool offers the possibility of analyzing the web performance of one or more websites. It is dedicated to examining page load times and presents a detailed report on the performance of a web page. It is responsible for analyzing the different contents of a page and presents you with an overall score corresponding to its speed. This is a kind of assessment that helps you estimate whether you have many optimizations to make. It also provides you with a series of statistics linked to web performance and a list of recommendations which will allow you to correct the various points slowing down the loading speed of a page.

This software relies on several tools to generate a performance report, Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! Yslow. These offer a different but complementary analysis of the same page. It will assign a score between 0 and 100 to all criteria that affect page loading speed. The software will provide you with a detailed report with key data:

  • a performance score;

  • loading time;

  • the weight of the page;

  • the number of requests necessary to load it;

  • the percentage of sites your page outperforms in terms of speed. This last information is only based on all of the sites analyzed via GTmetrix.


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