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What is UX User Experience?

UX means in English “ User Experience ”_11100000-0000-0000-0000-000000000 111_: user experience in French._11100000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000111_

This is a user's feeling when faced with an interface (website, application) or even a service (VOD platform for example). In order to optimize a website or an application, it is very important to look at its ergonomics to attract users and facilitate their navigation. 

UX and performance of media campaigns.

The user journey is very important in creating a promotional campaign for the website or application. Generating traffic through media campaigns is important. The user experience process begins here:  your levers, your advertising visuals and your messages must be in line with each of your targets, to increase your conversions to downloads or traffic to your site. 

Application store sheet and website landing page: the importance of the first impression.

The process takes on more meaning once the person is on your website, or on your store profile: you need to offer them an attractive journey (think about your experience when you enter a store or even a site internet).  It is essential to know your targets and understand their expectations in order to adapt your site to them and optimize your chances of downloading an application or your chances of purchases for a merchant site for example. For an application, the blind plug plays a key role. The design and creation must be optimized not only for SEO but also to make the Internet user want to trust you and download your application. It is only once the user is on the store page that they can download your application or not, so you need to make them want to do so by highlighting a simple, clear and straight forward user journey. to the goal.  

For a website, it's the same thing, once the Internet user is on your site, you need to offer them a route adapted to them to finally consider a purchase or subscription._11100000-0000-0000-0000- 000000000111_

The ergonomics of the site or application: Call to Action, colors, etc.

The optimization of this route will involve the placement of Call To Actions, information buttons or even the color of these which are important for users. Indeed, the elements you want to highlight must be visible and well placed so that Internet users can see them directly. But still, the time it takes for the Internet user to navigate the site, the loading time of the pages must be fast. Whether on a site or an application, the user must be able to acquire what they want easily and quickly. You must therefore reduce as much as possible the time and pages you have to go through to be able to order something or subscribe to a service. 

Finally, you need to create a coherent site or application. The fact that your site is understandable and makes logical sense will give the user confidence. If the user has a question about the safety or security of your site or app, they will not linger and will probably abandon the idea of buying or downloading and go see the competitors._11100000- 0000-0000-0000-000000000111_

In addition, consumer analysis of the interface of your site or application is essential. In order to reassure your potential customers, the comments and ratings of your site, on Google My Business or application, on the Apple Store, the Google Play Store and the AppGallery  are very important to reassure and comfort the prospect. 

A rating of 4 out of 5 stars is required to obtain a good conversion rate and optimize the performance of your campaigns. 

The process of UX optimization on site or mobile application 

Define the strategy according to your targets and analyze the market and competition:

Firstly, you must define your strategy according to your targets. Here, knowing the expectations of your targets is important in order to fully adapt to them and put all the chances on your side to gain their loyalty. Carrying out an audit of your competition is essential: do not hesitate to analyze why a competitor is the leader, and what solutions it offers to the consumer.  

Promote areas of your business to engage your prospects and customers: 

You must define your solution and highlight your main areas of expertise according to your targets so that they feel directly concerned by your goods or services. Consider that you can retain your customers on other products or services of which they had little or no knowledge by highlighting effective information tabs or banners. 

Create your site tree:

It has a double impact: - Customer acquisition and loyalty - SEO 

Zonings and wireframes: 

You need to create zonings (this involves the skeleton of the site, the architecture of the web pages before calling on a graphic designer) and wireframes (this involves thinking about the arrangement of the content blocks, their relevance and their quantity. These highlight all the issues linked to ergonomics and the messages that we want to convey.) Facilitating and optimizing the journey of your Internet users on your application or website is an essential step in creating a service totally adapted to your targets. This is where you need to reduce travel time and get straight to the point. 

Design and graphic elements:

this is the last step. It will be to create the surface of your site or application. Adding graphic elements and design. The choice of colors to highlight important elements, the choice of illustrations to create an interface that is appealing and pleasant to look at. 

This process allows you to follow a logical order in the design of a site or application to meet specific and changing expectations. It is important to optimize each of the steps because in fact, clicking on one of your campaigns does not necessarily mean that the consumer will download your app or buy one of your products or services. The goal is to please your targets and adapt completely to them, not to create something that meets simple general principles. However, you can rely on specific methods such as creating personas or following design laws. 


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