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What is SXO? The key to a referenced website!

SXO or Search eXperience Optimization is quite simply the new generation of SEO. Its aim is to optimize the natural SEO referencing of a website or mobile in the results of search engines such as Google.

The SXO strategy combines SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User Experience). Find out how to implement this strategy and become a key player in your market!


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Need advice or support to develop your business?

SMEs or large groups, whether you operate in the banking, insurance, retail, start-up, health sectors, etc.

The AppAso agency located in Paris, Opéra supports you in your ASO and SEO strategies.

Specializing in the promotion and referencing of mobile sites and applications, the AppASO agency also offers training adapted to the needs of your company or your Grande École program.

Companies such as Malakoff Humanis, Watts Industries and Edhec trust us, so join us!

😊 Let’s get in touch! 😊

Contact details :

ASO App 7 rue Meyerbeer 75009 Paris Opéra


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