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The Importance of an ASO Audit to optimize the conversion funnel of mobile applications

App growth — The Importance of an ASO Audit to optimize the mobile application conversion funnel

In the dynamic world of mobile applications, standing out and effectively attracting users is a major challenge. To ensure the success of your app, it is crucial to have a solid ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy in place. At the heart of this strategy is the ASO audit, an essential process to optimize the conversion funnel and improve the overall performance of your application.

In this article, learn the importance of ASO audit and how it can propel your mobile app to new heights of visibility, downloads and success.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to techniques that increase the visibility of a mobile application in the search results of the App Store and Google Play Store. With a good ASO strategy, your mobile app can rank higher, making it easier for target users to see you and increasing your app's organic downloads.

Although ASO is primarily focused on increasing downloads, other benefits can be gained from a brilliant ASO strategy: better awareness and visibility of the app, a greater number of reviews and comments and a Increased user engagement on the app allows you to generate more revenue.

Just like search engines that have a specific system to surface the most relevant information on the SERPs, the App Store and Google Play Store have their own algorithms to help users find the apps they need. Among the ranking tools used in an ASO strategy, store listing keywords, number of downloads, user ratings and comments must be analyzed and optimized.

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What is an ASO Audit?

An ASO Audit is a comprehensive analysis of key elements of a mobile application on the App Store and Google Play Store platforms, including title, description, keywords, screenshots, icon and evaluations. The goal is to ensure the app is properly optimized to be found by relevant users and to maximize downloads.

The ASO Audit is essential for several reasons:

Improve visibility: With millions of applications available on the stores, competition to attract users is fierce. ASO Audit helps improve the app's positioning in search results by using relevant and popular keywords. Better visibility means more chances of being discovered by targeted users.

Increase Conversion Rate: The ultimate goal of any app is to convert visitors into active users. The ASO Audit identifies obstacles that may prevent conversion, such as unclear description or unattractive screenshots. By optimizing these elements, the conversion rate can be significantly improved.

Increase the number of downloads: Better visibility and a higher conversion rate naturally lead to an increase in the number of downloads. ASO Audit helps to fully leverage the app's potential and generate more organic downloads.

Understanding the competition: The ASO Audit also analyzes the application's direct competition. This helps identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities to stand out in a saturated market.

Optimize your marketing strategy: The results of the ASO Audit provide valuable information to optimize your marketing strategy. By understanding which keywords attract the most users and which elements increase your conversion rate the most, marketing efforts can be better targeted and more effective.

The ASO Audit is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring of application performance and continuous optimization. Market trends, user behaviors and store search algorithms are constantly evolving. Regular monitoring and updates based on new data are therefore essential to maintain a high conversion rate and optimal visibility.

The ASO audit: keyword analysis

Keyword analysis is a crucial step in the ASO audit to optimize a mobile application. It helps find the most relevant and popular search terms used by users to find apps similar to yours. By using these keywords strategically in your app's title, description, and metadata, you increase the chances of it appearing in the top search results, which can significantly improve the conversion rate.

The 3 pillars of an effective keyword to optimize the conversion tunnel of a mobile application

An effective keyword is based on these 3 principles: relevance, volume and difficulty.

Keyword Relevance: In general, targeting the keyword "music" won't do you any good if your app has nothing to do with it - even if you find that music is a popular keyword on the App Store or Google Play Store. However, topics with a strong affinity to that of your application can help broaden your target audience. For example, your app might be about art and music fans might find it interesting.

Search volume: Volume refers to the number of times a specific keyword is searched. It is recommended to avoid keywords that have low volume even if they are relevant to your mobile app. You can view this metric on Apple Search Ad or Google Search Console.

Keyword Difficulty: The higher this metric, the harder it will be for your mobile app to appear in search results related to the keyword.

The key to a good ASO strategy is to choose keywords that combine these three elements, that is to say, which have high relevance and volume but a low difficulty rate.

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App growth — The Importance of an ASO Audit to optimize the mobile application conversion funnel

The ASO audit: Optimization of the description and screenshots

A well-written description is essential to convince users to download your app. The ASO Audit reviews the clarity, relevance, and appeal of the description to ensure it highlights key app features and inspires users to take action.

Likewise, screenshots should be attractive and informative. The ASO Audit evaluates their visual quality, their ability to highlight the benefits of the application and their relevance to the targeted keywords. Compelling screenshots can play a crucial role in user decision-making and help increase conversion rate.

Here's why this optimization is so important:

Get attention: When users discover a new app on the App Store or Google Play Store, they typically pay limited attention to each store listing. A well-optimized description and attractive screenshots can grab their attention in the first few seconds and encourage them to learn more about the app.

Improve the Conversion Rate: An optimized description and convincing screenshots help to improve the conversion rate, i.e. the number of users who actually download the application after visiting its page on the stores . By presenting the app attractively and meeting user expectations, you increase your chances of converting them into active users.

To learn more about how to boost your conversion rate by optimizing your store listings, click here!

The ASO audit: Evaluation and Comments

User ratings and comments have a huge impact on conversion rate. Users are more likely to download an app that has good ratings and positive feedback. The ASO Audit examines the app's reputation on the stores and recommends strategies to improve ratings and proactively manage negative comments.

User ratings and comments are essential elements in creating a bond of trust with your users. Here's why they play a crucial role:

Credibility: Positive ratings and glowing reviews build credibility for your mobile app and brand. Users tend to trust other users' reviews more than a company's marketing promises.

Transparency: User feedback provides a transparent view of users' actual experience with the app. This helps new users get a clear idea of what they can expect from the app.

User Engagement: Encouraging users to leave comments and ratings helps increase their engagement with the app. By giving users the opportunity to express themselves and contribute to improving the application, your retention rate increases.

Conversion Incentive: For many users, ratings and reviews are a determining factor in their decision to download an app. Positive reviews can convince hesitant users to take the plunge, increasing your conversion rate.

The Importance of an ASO audit to optimize the conversion funnel of mobile applications: what to remember

The ASO Audit is a powerful tool for optimizing the conversion funnel of mobile applications. By performing an in-depth analysis of the key elements of the application on the stores, it helps identify weak points and opportunities for improvement. Through strategic optimization, based on relevant keywords, a compelling description, attractive screenshots and proactive review management, the ASO Audit helps optimize the conversion funnel, attract new users and strengthen the competitiveness of the application in the mobile application market.

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