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Promote your mobile application via paid referencing

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With over 2 million iOS apps and almost double that number on Android, competition in the mobile app market is fierce. Main consequence: 80% of applications never reach 500 downloads…

It will therefore be useful for you to optimize the keywords of your application in order to attract downloads for free. However, focusing everything on organic may be a mistake since competing applications will advertise and drain part of your downloads.

It is therefore essential for your visibility to focus on both your free visibility and your paid visibility. Thanks to the numerous advertising offers offered by the Apple store, the Google play store and the Huawei app gallery, you will have a wide choice to promote your application.

Advertise ASO on the appstore

If you have an application on the AppStore and you want to propel it to the top of the store it is possible that by optimizing it 100% and continually working on it, updating it regularly you can achieve this. objective. On the other hand, if you want a quick method to give it a boost you should consider promoting your app with Apple Search Ads

In addition, with IOS 15 you have new opportunities to make your applications shine, whether through personalized advertisements or the promotion of in-app events.

By advertising on Apple Search Ads you have the opportunity to be instantly visible on the Apple store for iPhones and iPads. You even have the option to choose on which device your ad will be visible.

Your ads will appear on a blue background and will have an icon to let people know it's an ad.

Apple Ads automatically enables an option called “Search Match,” which matches users’ search terms to your app. This saves you from creating a list of keywords. However, for greater control over your ads, you can turn off this option to decide which keywords will trigger Apple Search Ads.

Custom product page

This new feature which appeared with IOS15 allows you to create personalized application pages based on the audience you wish to target.

With Apple Search Ads you will have the option to create up to 35 pages and when you create a custom product page in App Store Connect, you can choose to start with a copy of your default product page or with a blank page.

You can then customize screenshots, promotional text, and app previews for all locations on your page.

_22200000-0000-0000-0000-000000000222 Once you've created a custom product page, you can use its unique URL to share it such as social media advertising or promotional communications.

In-app Event

According to Apple, they appear as "event cards that include images or videos, the name of the event, and a short description."

Customers can tap these In-App event cards to get more information, such as whether the event experience requires an in-app purchase or subscription.

You will have the opportunity to advertise your event on multiple channels, from email to social media or by advertising. You simply need to include a link to your application page.

Developers will be able to offer up to ten approved events in their store console and up to five live events at a time.

Advertise on the Google play store

Like Apple's custom product page, the Google Play store also offers you the opportunity to create up to 5 personalized pages to carry out your A/B testing.

Once again you will have the possibility to choose specific targeting for your application page. So, if you have a fitness application, you can offer a more “sporty” version for specific targeting, with standard visuals and carry out another targeting with another application page. This technique aims to optimize the conversion rate of your advertisements and offer a unique experience to each of your visitors.

Advertise your app with Google Universal app campaign

What Google UAC? It is a powerful advertising tool, used by many in the mobile industry to increase app downloads and revenue.

To enable developers as well as marketers to use the full power of Google in an easier way. Google decided to launch universal app campaign so that they can reach audiences on multiple channels like Google Play, YouTube, Discover and the Google Display Network.

How does Google UAC work?

Google UAC allows you to promote your mobile application in the Google sphere without even wasting time creating your ad. Indeed, since it is Adwords which takes control, and composes the best ad from an extract of your application sheet from the play store. From a series of tests, Google AdWords will refine your ads until only one ad is displayed which will obtain the best performance.

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are automated ads in Google Ads that help advertisers drive more app installs and/or drive in-app conversions.

By using Google AI machine learning to identify which ad performs best, Google claims this process can generate up to 140% higher conversion rates per dollar spent compared to other promotional tools. app from Google.

Targeting is automatic, however you can influence it by defining your conversion goals. Indeed, Google defines locations according to relevance and its inventories among its different networks:

  • Search: Google Play, Google Search and Search Network Partners

  • Youtube

  • Display: mobile applications, sites focused on mobile news, blogs and other thematic sites

What type of auction to choose on Google Universal App Campaign

For auctions, you have to think in terms of cost per installation. So, to set your daily budget, you will need to estimate the cost you are willing to pay for each installation and that will be your bid.

So you take that bid and you multiply that number by the number of installs you want to achieve. If for example you want to reach 10 installations for a budget of 3 euros per installation then you will have 30 euros per day.

Once your bid is set, two avenues for optimization are available to you:

  • Either, you favor the number of installations, the bidding and targeting will be adapted to achieve a volume objective

  • Either, you prefer to use the app. In which case, Google relies more on the quality of the profiles recruited, even if it means slightly raising the bid

Google UAC, available on both Android and IOS?

Google UAC is fully compatible with IOS. However, if you have an IOS application and you want to get ahead of your competitors, it is best for you to launch Google UAC campaigns at the same time as Apple Search Ads campaigns in order to maximize your reach.

Don't ONLY bet on organic for your application

It is not recommended to focus your ASO solely on the optimization of your application, it also goes hand in hand with paid referencing which will bring you much more traffic and just as qualitative (if you configure your campaign). The offers offered by the Appstore as well as Google play store in addition to Google UAC are varied enough to allow you to use the right strategy adapted to your objectives.

Need advice or support to develop your business?

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