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Marketing Cross Device: How to choose the most relevant digital channels?

Cross Device Marketing Best Practices: How to choose the most relevant digital channels?

Cross-device marketing has become essential for brands wanting to effectively reach their target audience as consumers use multiple devices throughout their purchasing journey. However, choosing the most relevant digital channels for your cross-device strategy can be a complex challenge.

In this article, discover the best cross-device marketing practices to choose the most appropriate digital channels to maximize the impact of your marketing strategy.

Cross-device marketing: Reach consumers wherever they are

Cross-device marketing allows you to track and target consumers across multiple devices. By collecting data on their interactions across different channels, the cross-device provides a deep understanding of consumer preferences, behaviors and needs. This knowledge allows you to personalize messages and offers, creating a more engaging and relevant customer experience.

Understand your target audience in depth

Before choosing digital channels for your advertising campaign, it is essential to understand your target audience. Analyze your audience's demographics, online behaviors, purchasing preferences, and spending habits. This in-depth understanding will allow you to identify the digital channels they use most frequently and the types of content they are most interested in.

Evaluate the available digital channels

There are a multitude of digital channels to choose from for your cross-device marketing. To evaluate them properly, you need to consider their relevance to your target audience and marketing goals.

Here is a list of the most commonly used digital channels:

Social networks (Social Ads): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn….

Analyze which platforms are most popular with your target audience and which offer advertising features tailored to your needs. Also consider emerging social networks that might be relevant to your audience.

Email Marketing: Use email marketing campaigns to communicate with your audience in a targeted and personalized way. Evaluate your email performance in terms of open rates, clicks, and conversions to determine the effectiveness of this channel.

Paid search (SEA): Search engine ads (like Google Ads) allow you to target users who are performing specific searches related to your products or services. Analyze relevant keywords and cost per click for each paid search channel.

Blog Content: Create a blog on your website and use it to provide valuable information to your target audience. Evaluate your blog's performance in terms of organic traffic, social shares, and user engagement.

Online videos: YouTube and other video platforms are powerful channels for sharing visual content with your audience. Analyze user views, likes, comments and engaged actions to assess the impact of your videos.

Mobile apps: If your target audience is highly engaged on mobile devices, consider investing in ads in relevant mobile apps through App Store Optimization (ASO). Gaming, fitness, or lifestyle apps can provide precise targeting opportunities.

To learn more about the ASO, click here!

Cross Device Marketing Best Practices: How to choose the most relevant digital channels?

Analyze the competition

Study the digital channels used by your competitors. Identify which channels are performing well for them and assess whether they are also relevant to your business. This will give you insight into which channels to leverage and what opportunities you could take to stand out.

Experiment and optimize

Once you have identified relevant digital channels, it is important to continually test and optimize them. Conduct A/B testing to evaluate the performance of different variations of content, images or ad messages. Analyze data from each channel to adjust your strategy based on the results obtained. Keep in mind that each channel has its own characteristics and it is important to optimize your content according to each platform.

Take a consistent approach

For a successful cross-device marketing campaign, it is crucial to adopt a consistent approach. Ensure that all digital channels used provide a smooth and consistent user experience. Integrating your messages and branding across all channels will strengthen your brand image and increase recognition of your business.

To learn more about the importance of user experience in a cross-device marketing strategy, click here!

Choosing the most relevant digital channels for a cross-device marketing campaign: what to remember

Choosing the most relevant digital channels for your advertising campaign is an essential step in a cross-device marketing strategy. By deeply understanding your target audience, evaluating available digital channels, analyzing the competition and continually experimenting, you will be able to select the best channels to effectively reach your audience and maximize your results.

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