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How to leverage competitive analysis in App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is an essential strategy to improve the visibility of a mobile application, its ranking in app stores such as the App Store or Google Play Store and increase the acquisition of organic downloads. One of the key elements of ASO is competitive analysis, which involves studying and understanding how your direct competitors are performing on these platforms.

In this article, discover the importance of competitive analysis in ASO and how to use it to maximize the visibility of your mobile application, generate organic traffic and optimize your strategy!

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Before diving into the benefits of integrating ASO and SEO, it’s important to understand what these terms mean.

Every day thousands of applications are launched on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and millions of searches are made by users to download them. Competition is increasing and the difficulty of positioning itself at the top of the market remains no less complex. Occupying the first places in the search results of these platforms, via the referencing of your mobile application, is a real guarantee of trust for your users and allows you to increase the acquisition of organic downloads.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a necessary step in promoting your application in the stores. In the same way as SEO for desktop, your application will naturally gain visibility on its market, you will acquire more notoriety and in particular more new users and generate organic traffic if you adopt the right ASO strategy!

This strategy is based on very specific criteria, for example, the title, description or even the presentation visuals of your application. In addition, this will be different depending on your store (Apple Store or Google Play Store)

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Why do a competitive analysis in ASO?

Competitor analysis allows you to:

Build a semantic core: You need to understand for which keywords competitors' positions are going up or down.

Find ideas for visual optimization: Images and videos are important in a good ASO strategy in 2023 because they are the first elements that mobile application users see when they browse the App Store or Google Play Store. Changing the screenshots and icons on your store listing can increase your conversion rate and organic download acquisition.

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Increase the growth and visibility of your mobile application: The position of your application in searches on the App Store or Google Play Store is strongly influenced by the activity of your competitors. Sometimes your ranking will drop even if you haven't made any changes and the app rating hasn't changed. This situation may be linked to the activity of competitors. Thus, regular competitive analysis will allow you to react in time and optimize your ASO strategy. You can also spot the positives in competitors’ ASO strategies and adapt them to your mobile app.

Stand out from similar applications: By strengthening your brand image, you have a better chance of being visually recognized by users. In the technical aspects, you can play on the performance and loading speed of your application or simple and intuitive navigation. Providing a consistent and enjoyable user experience ensures user satisfaction and retention and generates more organic traffic.

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The main objectives of competitive analysis in ASO

Have a good ranking: The objective is to position yourself on more keywords and improve the positions of those which are indexed in order to increase the SEO of your mobile application. Analyzing your competitors' app visibility can help you determine a better plan of attack.

Increase conversion rate: It is important to know why your competitors are successful and what contributes to the results so that you can imitate what is viable or on the contrary understand why their ASO strategy is not effective to avoid repeating their mistakes.

Competitive analysis in ASO: step by step

It is advisable to carry out a competitor analysis on two levels:

Relevant app category and subcategory: You should review the top apps in a category and subcategory that are relevant to your app as a whole. The goal is to find ASO market trends and specific characteristics in order to choose your competitors and use them as reference points to compare and optimize your ASO strategy. Don't forget to also look at keywords during this step.

Individual Applications: Once the first step is complete, it is time to analyze your competitors individually to follow and imitate them or find our own path if it is more viable. This means dissecting their blind sheets and testing what might work for you. Study their features, functionality, pricing strategies, customer reviews, and market positioning. This analysis will help you spot opportunities and make informed decisions for your own ASO strategy.

Analyze the keywords used by your competitors: Keywords play a vital role in ASO. By studying the keywords used by your competitors, you can discover new targeting opportunities for your own mobile app. Use keyword analysis tools like SemRush or App Tweak to identify popular keywords and those that have less competition. Be sure to choose keywords that are relevant and aligned with the functionality and purpose of your app.

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Evaluate competitor performance: Competitive analysis allows you to evaluate your competitors' performance in terms of downloads, rankings, ratings and user reviews. You can use ASO analysis tools to get this information like Sensor Tower or Data Ai. By understanding what works for your competitors and what doesn't, you can adjust your ASO strategy to stand out and drive more organic traffic.

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Analyze user ratings and reviews: User ratings and reviews are a wealth of valuable information to improve your app. Analyze user reviews of your competitors to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their apps. You can take inspiration from them to improve your own application and provide a better user experience.

Monitor Competitor Updates: Frequent updates are essential to maintaining the relevance and quality of an app. By monitoring your competitors' updates, you can identify new features and improvements they are making to their apps. This will allow you to stay up to date with ASO market trends and make similar improvements to your own application.

Adapt to ASO Market Trends: Competitive analysis helps you identify emerging trends in your niche. You can spot rising apps, popular features, and new user requests. Use this information to adjust your ASO strategy and adapt to changing market needs. Stay on top of new trends in the ASO market and be responsive to stay competitive.

Leveraging Competitive Analysis in ASO: What to Remember

Competitive analysis is an essential part of ASO. It allows you to :

  • understand the competitive landscape

  • analyze keywords

  • evaluate performance

  • analyze user reviews

  • monitor updates

  • adapt to ASO market trends.

By using this information to adjust your ASO strategy, you can maximize your app's visibility, rank higher on the App Store and Google Play Store, and increase organic download acquisition.

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