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Google mobile: how to optimize the visibility of your mobile application?

If you follow our #digitaltutorials on our YouTube channel, last week we discussed in the 1st digital tutorial the first guidelines for creating the best ASO strategy and thus optimizing the natural visibility of your application in mobile application stores such as Apple Store, Google Play store and Huawei's latest AppGallery.

This time we will no longer only address ASO App store optimization but also SEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

Yes, it is possible to generate natural visibility for your mobile application in mobile search engines such as Google or Safari ;)

We will discover how you can put all the chances on your side to best promote your app and thus obtain organic downloads directly when a consumer or prospect searches for a brand in Google.

Are you ready?

Take the case of Fortuneo

I would like to invest in real estate, so I would like to do a simulation with the banker, I type the query "fortuneo" in the Safari search engine of my iPhone in private browsing eh! ;) and presto, the call to action “install the app” appears!

So I click and land in the application store!!

The steps forward to follow to be visible like the Fortuneo application are:

1 – Like last week, we will always optimize our store page with the most relevant keywords.

Remember: think about what your consumer will type in the search bar, what keywords they will use and be there when they search for you!!

2 – Build links, more commonly called back links. You can insert, for example, links such as your social networks, video content platforms, etc. There are no real official guidelines in this area but I assure you that your mobile applications will gain visibility on search engines such as Google and Safari.

3 – The time spent by visitors on your site and your store listing have an impact on the SEO of your store listings. So think about making your store profile attractive, making the visitor want to stop at your window and download your mobile application. Indeed, on the algorithm side of the Google Play, Apple Store or App Gallery stores, they take into account the time a visitor spends on your store files. They measure the time spent on the quality of the record. These will favor you in terms of visibility if the time spent by users is greater than on your competitors' profile. And so to anticipate your question, yes you need to pamper your store window! Think of this as the first contact with your prospect.

When you go shopping, a beautiful store window attracts you, do we agree? Well it’s all the same for digital!

So the best practices are a beautiful logo for your application, neat texts and highlighting the characteristics of your application through fixed promotional screens and animated screens!

Need advice or support to develop your business?

SMEs or large groups, whether you operate in the banking, insurance, retail, start-up, health sectors, etc.

The AppAso agency located in Paris, Opéra supports you in your ASO and SEO strategies.

Specializing in the promotion and referencing of mobile sites and applications, the AppASO agency also offers training adapted to the needs of your company or your Grande Ecole program.

Companies such as Malakoff Humanis, Watts Industries and Edhec trust us, so join us!

Let’s get in touch!

Contact details :

ASO App 7 rue Meyerbeer 75009 Paris Opéra


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