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ASO strategy: How to acquire more users (user acquisition)?

App Growth — ASO Strategy: How to acquire more users (user acquisition)?

In the world of mobile marketing, where mobile applications take center stage, visibility is the key to success. User Acquisition strategies have become a crucial issue for application developers. Among the powerful tools at their disposal, App Store Optimization (ASO) is at the top of the list.

In this article, learn our tips for perfecting your ASO strategy and attracting more users to your app, paving the way for exponential growth in the long term.

The Correlation Between ASO and User Acquisition

Once the application is online on store cards, the people in charge of marketing it are faced with a major challenge: generating downloads organically and sustainably. Although generating traffic from advertising campaigns is simpler. Downloads from organic traffic are much more valuable.

Less expensive, more reliable and with a better retention rate, organic traffic is the most valuable element. And for generating organic downloads, increasing your app's visibility, creating an integrated marketing approach, and finding niches and user segments, ASO has proven to be a valuable method. It takes a long-term approach for it to become the most valuable element of their marketing efforts.

Advertising on the App Store and Google Play Store

Setting up advertising campaigns on application stores is a good way for a company to increase downloads of its mobile app. Indeed, even by implementing a significant ASO strategy, it will be difficult to exceed the results that an Apple Search Ads or Google UAC campaign can give you.

Apple Search Ads: Advertising on the App Store

Apple Search Ads is an advertising service on the App Store that allows you to advertise free and paid applications. Apple Search Ads allows you to promote your mobile application in Apple Store search engines, such as ads next to applications recommended to users, or to purchase certain keywords to appear in search results on a certain type of keywords

App Growth — ASO Strategy: How to acquire more users (user acquisition)?

Apple Search Ads: The different types of advertisements

To help you highlight your application, Apple Search Ads offers several types of advertising campaigns.

Custom Product Page: This feature appeared with IOS15. It allows you to create personalized application sheets based on the types of audience you want to target. You can create up to 35 personalized pages to help you optimize your advertising campaigns.

Once you've created a custom product page, you can use its unique URL to share it such as social media advertising or promotional communications.

In-App Events: In-app events are advertisements that help you highlight an ongoing event on your app. Whether it is a competition, a webinar, or another type of event, you will have the opportunity to highlight this event to help you acquire new users.

Developers will be able to offer up to ten approved events in their store console and up to five live events at a time.

Google UAC: Advertising on Google Play Store

Like Apple Search Ads, you can create up to five personalized Play Store listings (some Google Play partners can create up to 10). If you've already developed an app and created its Store Listing, this becomes the main listing, which is presented to users in countries you're not targeting using a custom Store Listing.

This technique aims to optimize the conversion rate of your advertisements and offer a unique experience to each of your visitors.

App Growth — ASO Strategy: How to acquire more users (user acquisition)?

What is Google UAC?

It is a powerful advertising tool, used by many in the mobile industry to increase app downloads and revenue.

With Google UAC you will be able to create ads very simply. Thanks to your application sheet, the tool will automatically create optimized advertisements for you and will gradually refine the advertisements using the results obtained.

Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are automated ads in Google Ads that help advertisers drive more app installs and/or drive in-app conversions.

To find out more, click here!

Develop a long-term strategy for the ASO

Although advertising on app stores offers advantages, campaigns carried out using ASO obtain better results on the retention rate and this at a much lower cost.

It is therefore advantageous and advisable for a company that has just created its application to first concentrate its efforts on optimizing its store listings.

However, if you want to set up an advertising campaign, it is best to use it wisely. Acquisition is certainly a good way to generate downloads and draw attention to new features of your app, but it is best used as an ASO support and not as a strategy in its own right.

ASO and User Acquisition: what to remember

ASO is a very good strategy to help you increase your visibility on the App Store and Google Play Store. ASO is a simple way to generate reliable downloads with better retention and long-term results. However, to increase your performance, it is recommended to use Apple Search Ads for IOS and Google UAC for the 2 store listings.

een and Addict Mobile is a mobile marketing agency specializing in mobile advertising and promotions solutions, offering user acquisition services, advertising campaign optimization, performance analysis, visibility and conversions, as well as retargeting

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AppASO is an ASO and Digital Marketing agency, 100% dedicated to the promotion of mobile applications.

Founded by Camille TROMBINI (ex-AD4screen and Saint Gobain) and Fernando MARTINEZ (ex-digital Strategy lead at Publicis and Havas Media), the agency is located in Paris Opéra and Madrid.

At AppASO, whatever the sector (banking, insurance, retail, health, travel, etc.), we help advertisers optimize and scale the growth of their mobile applications.

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