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ASO KPIs and Metrics - How to measure the success of your mobile application?

App Store SEO/ASO is equally important at any stage of the product growth cycle.

Initially, it aims to improve visibility and discoverability on app stores, with the main objective of generating organic installs and reducing costs of user acquisition and paid marketing actions. On the later stages of the product, the ASO App Store Optimization strategy aims to support growth and maintain top positions in search, benchmarking performance against the competition, improving conversion, retention and user feedback.

ASO strategy is a long-term process that must be implemented and measured in order to achieve and maintain steady organic growth of an application.

Visibility in stores

The main goal of App Store Optimization is to improve the visibility of mobile apps and games on stores, to improve discoverability in search, and to get more organic installs.

The KPIs involved in this step can be measured with any ASO tool:

  • Keyword Ranking: Position in search results on your targeted keywords and keyword combinations.

  • Category ranking: positions of an app or game in its category (for example, arcade or music)

  • Similar/related apps: Which apps are related to our app? Traffic from similar apps is high.

  • Featured: If it appears on the main stores page.

The above metrics are essential for understanding and measuring visibility and discoverability on stores. Monitoring their evolution daily and monthly, in all countries and comparing these rankings with competitors' products constitute the basis of the App Store optimization strategy.

Product page conversion rate

Improving the conversion rate for installing a blind listing is the second important objective after visibility. When the user discovers the app, it is essential to create a good first impression about it, this is where the role of conversion rate becomes primary.

The conversion rate is affected by various ASO factors:

  • On metadata: app name (title), description, icon, screenshots, feature charts and video previews.

  • Excluding metadata: downloads, user ratings and reviews.

In the conversion funnel the user goes through, here are 2 types of KPIs to keep in mind:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) or click-through rate (TTR): a percentage of users who encounter your snippet on the store (in search, top rankings, and featured), and tap to view its product page. This is mainly affected by your app name and icon.

  • Conversion rate to install (CR): the percentage of visitors to your product page who downloaded your app.

Both TTR and CR are crucial parts of your store ad conversion funnel: by optimizing them, you ensure that out of all users who somehow find your app on the store, the maximum percentage will be interested, committed to the product.

Mobile growth

There are different ways to measure mobile growth. The main growth trigger for ASO would be the number and speed of installs, but in the entire App Marketing strategy, growth is more than that.

One of the main goals of app store optimization is organic growth, so the number of installs plays a big role here. Installs are the core KPI that can be tracked in the developer console on the stores.

By having a deep understanding of organic install sources, we can measure another important KPI for mobile apps: organic lift or organic multiplier.

This effect is linked to a natural increase in organic traffic caused by paid marketing actions. Purchased shares will improve the app in search, which, in turn, will give it more visibility and attract more organic users.

User comments

User ratings and reviews are extremely important measures of a stable and “healthy” application. In App Store Optimization, they play two main roles: on the one hand, they are taken into account by the store algorithms for search ranking and top charts, and on the other hand, they have a great influence on users' decisions to download, and therefore, have importance for the conversion rate.

The more ratings and reviews you have, the better the overall user sentiment, the greater impact they will have on an app's ranking and overall visibility. In turn, a large number of negative reviews and a low average score can significantly reduce product page conversion and result in fewer organic installs.

Fortunately, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now offer developers the ability to respond to user reviews, and it may even help them change their rating. Never leave your users unattended and try to resolve any issues they encounter and always respond to negative reviews.

There is no single metric by which to measure overall success. All are equally important, not only on a certain stage of the product, but also as an integral part of the App Store optimization strategy. Only by studying all of these metrics and combining them together can we get a complete picture of performance.

Leverage the power of data to your advantage, study metrics with Developer Console, Attribution Partners, Application Intelligence and ASO tools and your mobile growth strategy will be unbeatable!


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