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ASO 2023 Strategy: How to develop organic downloads of a mobile application?

With 255 billion mobile applications downloaded worldwide in 2022, it is essential to ensure the visibility of your application on the App Store or Google Play Store. If your goal is to increase conversion rates and organic downloads, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to achieving this and staying competitive.

Download acquisition, SEO, conversion rate... at the heart of this article find our some advice on optimizing and promoting your mobile application to develop organic downloads and gain visibility!

What are the advantages of an ASO strategy in promoting mobile applications?

An ASO strategy can:

Give your mobile app maximum visibility in app stores: When your store listing is optimized, the app has a better chance of being ranked in the top search results and rankings that users navigate through to find the product that they need.

Make user acquisition more profitable: The more organic downloads you receive and increase your conversion rate, the lower the cost per install (CPI).

Improve customer lifetime value: by developing organic downloads using ASO, your mobile application will have a greater chance of acquiring loyal users (retention).

What are the key elements in an ASO strategy to develop organic downloads in 2023?

  • AB testing: essential in the acquisition of users and organic downloads to optimize the performance and ROI of the promotion of your mobile application.

  • Images and videos on the mobile application presentation sheet: this is the best way to encourage users to download your mobile application and increase your conversion rate.

  • Positive User Ratings and Reviews: Users tend to trust reviews and ratings left by other users when deciding whether to download a mobile app or not. These elements create traffic and organic growth.

What is AB testing in mobile marketing?

AB testing or AB testing for mobile applications consists of testing several versions of a defined variable (digital content). Its goal is to segment an audience into two or more groups, expose each segment to a different version of the variable, and analyze the impact of the variable on user behavior. It is an essential element in mobile marketing. AB testing results help identify the formula for having the best possible user experience, leading to improved engagement and user acquisition through organic download growth.

A/B testing allows advertisers:

  • optimize in-app engagements

  • know what works for different groups

  • to observe the impact of a new feature

  • to have a better understanding of user behavior.

  • to improve KPIs.

How to optimize images and videos for App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Images and videos are important in a good App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy in 2023 because they are the first elements that mobile application users see when they browse the App Store or Google Play Store.

Use high-quality images and videos: It is important to give a good impression of your mobile app to attract users to click on the app and download it. High quality results in increasing download acquisition.

Choose an image or video that clearly represents your mobile application: The first image or video on your App Store or Google Play Store listing should be representative of the application and give a clear and precise idea of what it is used for and how. Showing its features with visual support makes it easier for users to understand and improves your app's performance in terms of organic SEO and conversion rates.

Use attention-grabbing images and videos: Images and videos that are eye-catching and pique user interest encourage downloads from the App Store or Google Play Store. It is therefore advisable to use bright colors and images of people using the mobile application for better optimization of the visibility of the application.

Include screenshots: Screenshots help users visualize how the mobile app will look before downloading it. A good visual presentation is another important element of the ASO strategy because it influences user reviews and comments. If they are impressed by the appearance of the app, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and comments, thus driving engagement and organic growth (app growth).

Add captions and descriptions: Captions and descriptions accompany the visual support that describes the mobile app and its features on the download sheet in the App Store or Google Play Store. It is important to use the appropriate keywords to optimize the visibility of the app in search results and increase the organic SEO of the app.

Optimize the image or video size: It is important to follow the image or video size recommendations from the App Store and Google Play Store to avoid blurry images or poor quality videos .

How to provide a quality user experience with ASO?

Don’t underestimate the power of positive user ratings and reviews! They play an important role in the App Store and Google Play Store ranking algorithm. Top-ranked mobile apps are considered more reliable, bug-free, and provide a better user experience. Frequently used keywords in user reviews are relevant to your mobile app in terms of organic SEO and will positively impact its ranking.

Additionally, a high number of recent positive reviews and a high overall rating encourage visitors to your mobile app page to download it, which influences the conversion rate.

If this is not the case for your mobile application, nothing is lost: respond to user reviews in order to develop customer relations and improve your image. Thus, by showing that you are attentive and responsive to comments, you optimize the retention rate of your mobile application for growth in user acquisition and organic downloads.

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